Peaks to Portland

BY Michael Poliskey

Peaks to Portland

I didn’t swim it. I dropped off Laura early at the Casco Bay Terminals for the ferry ride to Peaks Island so instead of going home and coming back hours later to look for parking, I decided to go to the East End Beach early and walk around a bit.

The YMCA team was setting up the all that goes on at the finish line and kayakers were taking off from the beach to paddle their way 2.4 miles to the starting line on Peaks Island. I stood back and watched because I didn’t know how close I was able to get to the finish line. There was no one else there yet! I wanted to be at the finish line if I was to get the footage I was hoping to capture. A little bit later later I realized I could get right next to it, but ended up having to jockey for position the busier it got and it got busy!

Race Time

Once you could see the swimmers and kayakers getting closer, the finish line came alive with people pointing, cheering, clapping and blowing horns. At the same time the tide was coming in and I didn’t wear flip flops or appropriate footwear so my Vans started getting wet as the tide got higher and higher. Damn it. I noticed another video guy and a couple photographers were wearing sandals, so note to self when going to races near the ocean that I may need to bring flip flops.

I was able to catch the top finishers coming out of the water, so I made the above video which turned out pretty well I think. It also made me think I should be a better swimmer…but those damn speedos though.

Michael Poliskey lives in Portland, Maine with Laura and Georgia where he plays guitar, makes videos and builds websites.